The Future’s Bright

Hadland care group are positive about the future of the continual energy saving mission. By making small changes to everyday life in the office, increases the ability to invest in more energy saving equipment. Helping to reach the aim of conserving 20% of energy expenditure.

By implementing small changes vast improvements have been made to enable the company to work towards environmental excellence. By engaging children in green awareness, helping to make the future generation more conscientious on their impact on the environment. This not only benefits the children but assists the education to their parents, providing energy saving tips and tricks to carry on the education at home as well as at nursery.

Hadland Care Group has also seen an improvement in waste recycling within the company, helping to limit resources going to landfill. Inspired by voluntary organisations such as Ideas2Action, in thinking about what is being disposed of and whether or not local organisations may even be able to use the resources. For example newspapers and used envelopes etc. Ideas2Action have created a directory that you can get your hands on which gives you information about other organisations in the Bournemouth and Poole area who might need the resources you are disposing of. It’s a brilliant way of not only helping the environment but helping the local community too!

With a continuous journey of helping the environment and by making additional small changes, Hadland Care Group is working towards achieving a Green Pea Level 5 in the very near future.

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Achieving Aims

By setting targets Hadland Care Group is making improvements with:

  • Making more use of occupancy and daylight sensors
  • Changing light bulbs from fluorescent to LED
  • Installing more time clocks and thermostats
  • Fitting draught excluders to external doors and windows
  • Encouragement from our colleagues to take up the Cycle To Work scheme
  • Replacing outdated equipment with more energy efficient and cost effective equivalents

For the Colleagues

All colleagues play an important role in being able to implement and continue change. In order to reach the overall goals, each colleague must be aware of:

  • What equipment they have on site
  • Where things are located
  • How they are used
  • The cost of energy and the impact this has on the profitability of the business
  • Energy saving settings on office equipment

Overall Strategies

Hadland Green Mission

All this is reinforced in colleague meetings, as well as reminders throughout the settings. All job descriptions detail the responsibilities the colleague has towards improving energy efficiency and all new colleagues are trained on this in their inductions.

There are many more areas that form part of the overall strategy and Hadland Care Group will continue to look into other opportunities such as solar generated electricity as well as savings to be made on petrol and diesel expenditure. Elements which have a significant impact on the environment.

Find out more about

Hadland Care Group & ESOS

What is ESOS?

Hadland Care Group has seen many changes to their working environment in a move to make the world more environmentally sustainable.

The Hadland Green Mission

Being recognised by external organisations is important for the business to grow and succeed; evidence of producing the results being claimed.

Nature and Nurture

Showing you how small steps in the right, more economical direction can save resources for making larger steps in the future.

Green Wing Magnets

Green Wing have worked with over 600 residential and commercial property owners installing magnetic conditioning devices to reduce their energy costs. The magnets work by reducing energy consumption and limescale; increasing their efficiency so they last longer.

The Eco Award

Colleagues are the key to reaching energy saving success and as a company, this was a way of giving something back to them for their hard work in helping make Hadland Care Group as efficient as possible.

Green PEA

Hadland Care Group became members of Green Positive Environmental Action (PEA) scheme as part of their commitment to the environment. The Green PEA scheme was set up by the Borough of Poole, with a target to reduce emissions by 20% by the year 2020.