Going Green is more than just having an ‘Environmental Policy’. By caring for people across their life; whether it’s children in the nurseries, young people in apprenticeships, employers or colleagues working within the group on training opportunities or the elderly in the care homes. Hadland Care Group care has a passion for people and their environment.

Providing quality care and continual improvement processes ensure a brighter and more sustainable world is maintained. Reducing energy usage and the consequent carbon footprint, Going Green is an ethos that runs through the business. Having introduced energy saving initiatives, recycling programmes and improved efficiencies, the environmental impact has been hugely reduced. Additional sustainable practices such as removing single use plastics, energy improvement installations, as well as simple changes (e.g. printer management), lead to an increased performance with reduced environmental impact.

Working directly with external suppliers and providers (see the Hadland Green Mission) to monitor and collaborate. You can be assured, every area of the business is not only cared for but a business also caring for future generations to come.

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The Hadland Green Mission

Being recognised by external organisations is important for the business to grow and succeed; evidence of producing the results being claimed.

Growing Success

Since launching the first Tops Day Nursery in 1990, Hadland Care Group now has 17-day nurseries, a training provider providing over 100 apprentices to internal and external companies, as well as two care homes.

Green Wing Magnets

Green Wing have worked with over 600 residential and commercial property owners installing magnetic conditioning devices to reduce their energy costs. The magnets work by reducing energy consumption and limescale; increasing their efficiency so they last longer.

Nature and Nurture

Showing you how small steps in the right, more economical direction can save resources for making larger steps in the future.

The Eco Award

Colleagues are the key to reaching energy saving success and as a company, this was a way of giving something back to them for their hard work in helping to make Hadland Care Group as efficient as possible.

Green PEA

Hadland Care Group became members of Green Positive Environmental Action (PEA) scheme as part of their commitment to the environment. The Green PEA scheme was set up by the Borough of Poole, with a target to reduce emissions by 20% by the year 2020.